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6 Of The Biggest Eye Care Myths

6 OF THE BIGGEST MYTHS ABOUT YOUR EYESIGHT Let us have a look at six of the most common eye care myths. As we all know, the internet is a difficult place to determine the difference between good solid facts and false information, and information about eye...

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Keratitis Keratitis is inflammation of the cornea, caused by bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Classically the cornea becomes swollen and infiltrates occur, accompanied by a red eye with varying degrees of discomfort and pain. In the worst case corneal ulceration can occur and it is thus important...

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Glaucoma Glaucoma is one of the commonest causes of blindness and partial sight in the UK. There are three types of Glaucoma: Acute (closed angle) Glaucoma Chronic (open angle) Glaucoma Congenital Glaucoma. Acute Closed Angle Glaucoma Acute Closed Angle Glaucoma may be primary (not caused by another...

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Flashes and Floaters

Flashes and Floaters It’s diagnosis, treatment and advice by our Optometrist at My Optician. What are floaters? Floaters appear as black spots or something that looks like a hair or small pieces of a cobweb. These can be semi-transparent or dark and appear to float in front...

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Top Tips To Combat Eye Strain

Top Tips To Combat Eye Strain Working at an office desk can put constant strain on your eyes without you realising, making it imperative that you have regular eye tests. Constant exposure to display screen equipment and air conditioning can cause problems for your vision. It is...

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